Current COVID-19 Hospital Procedures

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We’re very excited to welcome you and your pets back in our building, even in a modified way! However, since the spread of the novel coronavirus is still significant, we are continuing to operate with adjusted procedures to limit exposure so everyone stays healthy.

Our hospital is now offering three options for veterinary appointments to accommodate your pets and your level of comfort. To facilitate these options, you have the ability to call or text the clinic when you make appointments, check in for appointments, or request food and medication refills.

For all options, you will check in curbside via call or text, and masks must be worn anytime you are inside our building. Only one client will be allowed in the building per pet. Appointment options are as follows:

Option 1. Modified traditional appointment curbside check-in: After you check in curbside, one of our team members will come out and escort you and your pet to an exam room. Be aware that if you choose this option, we will likely take your pet to the back of the hospital for any exams and treatment while you wait in the exam room. This is to allow us more space for multiple staff members to maintain social distance. You’ll check out in the exam room and we’ll then escort you out of the building when your pet’s appointment is complete.

Option 2. Concierge appointment: You’ll check in curbside by call or text and wait in your vehicle during the appointment. A technician will call you back, get your pet’s history by phone, and then instruct you to bring your pet to our lobby where he or she will take your pet to an exam room using our leash to do so. We will call you to communicate any findings and/or recommended testing or treatments, and then you will check out by phone. You’ll then be instructed to mask up and return to the lobby to pick up your pet.

Option 3. Drop-off appointment: This option enables you to leave your pet with us for the appointment and pick him or her up later in the day. You’ll check in curbside via phone or text when you arrive, then bring your pet to our lobby for drop off with one of our team members. We’ll contact you by phone when the appointment is complete and schedule a time when you can pick up your pet. Check out will be done by phone and you’ll need to call or text us curbside when you arrive for pick-up. At that time a technician will go over any take home instructions, clear you to put on your mask and come to the lobby to retrieve your pet.

Medication and Prescription Food Pick-Up

We also have a couple of options when you come to our building to pick up your pet’s medications and food. As with our appointment procedures, you can call or text us when you check in, only one person at a time in the building, and masks must be worn when inside our clinic.

Option 1: Curbside delivery: You’ll call ahead for your order or medication refill, and we’ll return your call when the order is ready. Call or text us curbside when you arrive, and a staff member will bring your order or refill to your vehicle.

Option 2: Call ahead/lobby pick-up. As with Option 1, you’ll call ahead to order your pet’s refill or food, then we will call you when the order is ready. When you arrive to pick up your order, you can enter our lobby, but you must be masked at all times. Please make sure to stand or sit only in designated areas inside the building. You will be instructed to wait outside if the lobby area is full. 

If you choose to come pick up a refill or food without calling ahead, you will be instructed to put on a mask and wait in a designated area until the order is ready. If the medication will take time to authorize and fill, we will ask you to come back when the order is ready. We so appreciate your patience and understanding as we hopefully begin to phase into a more normal routine in the near future. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 386-426-0075 if you have any questions about our modified procedures.